• Mission: Why do we Exist?

    Extend: kingdom of God in downtown Montgomery

    Create: a worshipping community

    Declare: gospel in word

    Demonstrate: gospel in deed

  • Vision: What do we want to see?

    Spiritual Renewal: New Hearts- Gospel change in how we believe [Ezekiel 36:26]

    Cultural Renewal: New Minds- Gospel change in how we think [Romans 12:2]

    Social Renewal: New Hands- Gospel change in how we serve [Galatians 5:13-14]

  • Strategies: How do we connect our mission with Our vision?

    Spiritual Renewal

    • Corporate Worship and Prayer: vibrant and true corporate worship each Sunday overflowing into communities of worship throughout the week where the Gospel is the aroma of life in every sphere of influence attracting unbelievers to Jesus
    • Community Groups/Bible Studies
    • Evangelizing the Unchurched/De-churched
    • Church Planting: we want to be a church that will plant a church that will plant a church

    Cultural Renewal

    • Cultivation of new business and economic development in the city:  We want to continue seeing our members start new businesses and increased involvement in the Downtown Business Association.  
    • Cultivation of good art, music, cuisine, architecture, technology, etc: God has blessed our church with gifted creatives who are musicians, visual artists and young professionals in the design industry.  In the past, we have partnered with events such as Denied and Underexposed art show, Downtown Street Fair, and ArtOberfest.  We dream of believers in the city creating for the glory of God, who are cutting edge, and set the tone for beauty.
    • Cultivation of redemptive thinking in how the lens of God’s story impacts our perspective on philosophy, politics, business, etc:  Some of the ways we have already carried this out is through cultural renewal town halls open to the public [where we discussed topics such as homosexuality, abortion, and racism] and studying books like "Every Good Endeavor" with young professionals at a local pub.  We dreams of “Curious corners” with skeptics and a faith and work institute.

    Social Renewal

    • Developmental Mercy Ministry:  Being a downtown church, we have had many opportunities to engage in relief ministry to the poor and disenfranchised.  Our desire is to always build upon the immediate need in helping the individual develop holistically. This is the more complex and involved side of mercy ministry but we have successfully come alongside individuals in finding jobs, homes, and vehicles.  We dream of continuing to impact those in need with ministries such as GED classes, addiction counseling, job training, and life skills. 
    • Incarnational  Ministry:  God modeled this ministry for us when He incarnated Himself in the person of Jesus Christ who "moved into our neighborhood." Many of our members have purposefully moved into our target neighborhoods to impact their communities.  Some of the ways they have practically carried out this mission is through: joining/starting neighborhood associations; service projects, and community pot-lucks.  We dream of every member to be known as the "parish pastor" of their block.